The program corresponds to the EEST (UTC+3) time zone.

  • 15.00 - 15.15: Welcome from the Organizers

Keynote (30m + 15m Q&A)

  • 15.15 - 16.00: Keynote
    Tim Menzies, North Carolina State University (USA)

    What is the Future of Machine Learning Techniques for Software Quality?
    Recently there has been Much (?too much), focus on deep learning. DL is a useful technique but it is only one technique out of dozens of others that can be useful. So, what else should you be looking at?
    The keynote slides can be found at

  • 16.00 - 16.10: Short break

Session I - ML for Maintenance and Testing (15m + 5m Q&A)

  1. 16.10 - 16.30: Comparing Within- and Cross-Project Machine Learning Algorithms for Code Smell Detection
    Authors: Manuel De Stefano (University of Salerno), Fabiano Pecorelli (University of Salerno), Fabio Palomba (University of Salerno) and Andrea De Lucia (University of Salerno)

  2. 16.30 - 16.50: Unsupervised Learning of General-Purpose Embeddings for Code Changes
    Authors: Mikhail Pravilov (Higher School of Economics), Egor Bogomolov (JetBrains Research, Higher School of Economics), Yaroslav Golubev (JetBrains Research) and Timofey Bryksin (JetBrains Research, Higher School of Economics)

  3. 16.50 - 17.10: Toward Static Test Flakiness Prediction: A Feasibility Study
    Authors: Valeria Pontillo (University of Salerno), Fabio Palomba (University of Salerno) and Filomena Ferrucci (University of Salerno)
  • 17.10 - 17.20: Short break

  • 17.20 - 17.40: PANEL
    Panelist: Davide Taibi, Tampere University, Finland

  • 17.40 - 18.00: Long break

Session II - ML for software processes (15m + 5m Q&A)

  1. 18.00 - 18.20: VaryMinions: Leveraging RNNs to Identify Variants in Event Logs
    Authors: Sophie Fortz (Université de Namur), Paul Temple (Université de Namur), Xavier Devroey (Delft University of Technology), Patrick Heymans (Université de Namur) and Gilles Perrouin (Université de Namur)

  2. 18.20 - 18.40: Building a Bot for Automatic Expert Retrieval on Discord
    Authors: Ignacio Nuñez Norambuena (University of Chile) and Alexandre Bergel (University of Chile)

  3. 18.40 - 19.00: Metrics Selection for Load Monitoring of Service-Oriented System
    Authors: Francesco Lomio (Tampere University), Sampsa Jurvansuu (Tampere University) and Davide Taibi (Tampere University)
  • 19.00 - 19.10: Short break

  • 19.10 - 19.30: PANEL
    Panelist: Dario Di Nucci, Tilburg University - Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, Netherlands

Session III - Talks (10m + 10m Q&A)

  1. 19.30 - 19.50: The Impact of Release-based Validation on Software Vulnerability Prediction Models
    Authors: Giulia Sellitto (University of Salerno) and Filomena Ferrucci (University of Salerno)

  2. 19.50 - 20.10: On the Limitations of Bots for Software Engineering
    Authors: Sami Hadouaj (INSAT, Tunisia) and Fabio Palomba (University of Salerno)

  3. 20.10 - 20.30: Evidence and Machine Learning based Task Allocation: a Combined Approach
    Authors: Stefano Lambiase (University of Salerno), Fabiano Pecorelli (University of Salerno), Fabio Palomba (University of Salerno), Andrea De Lucia (University of Salerno), Filomena Ferrucci (University of Salerno), Raffaela Mirandola (Politecnico di Milano) and Damian Andrew Tamburri (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science)

  • 20.30 - 20.40: Closing